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Namaste! I would like to welcome you to Study Lane for planning you abroad study plan. I must say, you have chosen the very right place to begin your study abroad journey from Study lane. We have been working and helping students through our expert counselling and recruitment services to Nepalese students since more than a decade and still continuing to provide quality and genuine guidance for students, who aspire to study in different study destinations like Australia, Canada, UK, USA and New Zealand. One thing that reminds me the most about beginning this profession back in late 2011, I myself faced different challenges, when I was an international student during 2008 to mid-2011 in Australia. Returning back home, there was no another profession that stroke me to begin other than counselling students and preparing them to cope with abroad study environment. Thus, I joined education counselling since then and succeeded in placing many students through our genuine counselling to their desired study programs globally. Few addresses which are still popular given as title to me by students are God father, Career Maker, Mentor, adopted Guardian, Brother from another mother and so on. These are not just the titles but my life time achievement award. I always believed in one line,” Education Counselors are not as less as Doctors, they save life but we shape life” keeping this statement in mind, I have always found myself very satisfied when I find my students succeeding in life achieving their set goals and it always made me feel to honor myself as a successful counselor.

I believe, you have many dreams in life yet to come true. One of the most important decisions in your life would be when you’re thinking about going overseas for your further studies. And gaining higher education from universities at home is sometimes not enough in the global job market. Why not be one of the ever-increasing international students who study at the world’s top institutions. This can lead to a rewarding career far beyond your expectations! During these long years, what I realized is, the more you explore your options, the more you will discover just how much the world has on offer you. It’s always advisable to seek the help of an experienced consultant to guide you and help you to choose from all the options available, in order to make the right decision. A consultant, who can guide you along the right path towards your most suited career, is the one you can always rely on.

We specialize in placing students in:  Australia, New Zealand, UK & Canada. Expert team, we are continuously assisting our students with admissions as well as scholarships at foreign institutions. Since our establishment in 2009, with our regular genuine advice and successful placement history, we have created a wide, growing network and have a well-respected name within the industry.

Proudly, I can say that learning from those many successful cases, which belonged to our dear students and who have achieved their goals and many of them are still on the process , you can rely with no second thought on our team to start an activity related to offer process, scholarship screening,, visa apply, screening career opportunities of your choice, accommodation assistance, differentiating country wise opportunities as an international student, sop guidance, interview preparation and so on.

You can always be in touch with me and my team in just a click away through different medias to plan and move forward about study abroad task. Joining Study Lane for your education journey is not just you are in to agreement with a consultancy, we take it the other way as we are adding one more family member in our home, Study Lane and we will be taking care from there and will be with you for your entire journey as in long term relationship.

Thank You with Best Regards

Managing Director: Study Lane International Pvt. Ltd.

Binod Thapa

  • MBA (Bharatihar University, Coimbatore, India)
  • A (Tribhuvan University, Nepal)
  • PIER Certified Qualified Education Agent Counselor (QUEAC): ID: M543
  • ICEF certified Canada Course Graduates (CCG): ID: 01372
  • Education Counselling training from Training Institute for Technical Instructions and Ministry of Education Nepal (TITI): Credential ID: 751411

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