Market where short term benefits are much sought after it is a real challenge to adopt the ways of proper career counselling. Educational consultancies in majority are focused for earning more by turning the applications into visas and promote the visa success, a company really needs the guts of real professionals who can focus for study and career centered guidance. Going for abroad study in not a matter of joke and its not just a matter of earning dollars or gaining permanent residency, its more a matter of developing ones knowledge and skills and making one’s CV strong to fight for right career opportunities in future. In today’s globalized market scenario a right counsellor should be able to guide one aspirant student the value of international degree to gain right position in national and multinational companies when they come back to their home country after completing their education abroad.

Working in market like Nepal we face multiple challenging factors while guiding students for right study options abroad. This is a market where we deal with such students in majority who are not serious about their study prospects and take their study visa options as ways of earning foreign currency or gaining permanent residency of the country they want to migrate to. One counselling table gets the aspirant applicants who have very poor performance in English Language Tests like IELTS/PTE/TOEFL still they want the short cut ways of flying abroad. Everyday one meets the candidates who ask for fake dependent options and show their dire interest to migrate to productive countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA etc. There is no dearth of applicants who have poor academics but show their big dreams of gaining Bachelors and Masters Degree in challenging and complicated fields of study. A genuine company and real professional counsellors are needed to say a “Big No” in the face of those applicants who have wrong approach for abroad study.

Studylane International is always there in the market to make students realize about their weak aspects and support them grow in such a way when they go to any study destinations of their choice they will be able to face the challenges of study and market forces of the respective country. We are there to make any person alert about the right choice of courses and encourage our students to meet the entry requirements mainly the academic and English proficiency requirements not only to get them admitted in the course but also to make them successful in their field of choices. We are ever ready to guide any applicants for the right course and institution options in whatever ways possible. We focus for such students who have guts to take challenge, who research well and who have patience to deal with the tedious process of right course and destination selection.


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