Studylane International is a name that suggests the right lane to be taken for the purpose of choosing correct destinations abroad for those who aspire to study and make career prospects bright. An educational consultancy with vision to channelize and guide the students who look quite confused in the heavy traffic of mismanaged and profit oriented business of sending students to different countries overseas for study purposes. We believe in creativity not by creating something new but by doing the same thing in totally different and unique way in Nepali market. The counselling table at Studylane International is a completely service oriented table which prioritizes student’s educational interest over the monetary benefit that the company earns. Anybody who reaches to our table will be guided well to take the right lane of study, career, success and life settlement – the four important lanes necessary to be taken in order – at the specific and right time while making the decisions regarding future┬á prospects in any countries in the world including Nepal.

This is a company which promotes the educational and career success of our client or candidate or student. We never promote our visa success as we believe that it is a candidate’s required profile which helps him/her to turn his/her application into visa┬á rather than the name of educational consultancy or a migration agent. We are against the trend of promoting or boosting the number of visa successes as a marketing force to attract the attention of general crowd aspiring to go abroad. Our main ‘Mantra’ is to guide and counsel a person to strengthen his Curriculum Vitae to fight for right job positions in future either abroad or in Nepal. So we target to help a person achieve right qualification, knowledge and skills to make himself or herself strong enough to flow effectively in the strong tide of market economic forces.

We believe in doing our ‘Karma’ with 99 percent effort and leave the rest 1 percent to be supported by the universal hidden forces to turn our hard work into success and we teach this same ‘Sutra’ to anyone who seeks our services.

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